Making Beer, Making a brand...for Fun!

The pandemic is shaping our lives in ways I never expected. Many of those things I have always wanted to do, I am now finding the time to do them.

I have always been interested in brewing my own beer. The thought of being able to have a (good) craft beer that I created, sounds awesome. I have never really put the time into investigating how to do it or even bothered to give more than a day dream to it.

My partner in crime (PIC) has experience brewing, and so we thought the whole stay-at-home scenario was perfect for starting a batch of beer. We ordered our kit from Northern Brewers (ordered the Elegant Bastard Ale kit) and got to brewing!

I will spare you the details on the brewing process and jump into the design stuff (because, honestly PIC led the way and I sort of helped in that department). I was mostly excited to drink the beer and design labels for it.

Name/Logo: Really and truly I did not put much thought behind this brand other than the name. The name was meant to mean something that carries a 'punch' , and be a play on a family name. We had fun coming up with ideas, but ultimately landed on Velvet Hamner Brewing Co. I should note that we are not selling any beer, but just branding it for fun. Added the hand and hammer illustration for the new-retro vibe I was going for.

Color: Yellow and a deep grey, any excuse to use yellow really. It is both my and my PIC's favorite color. Just made sense

Font: Wanted to have a throw back feel. I used OnRamp and Wisdom Script both from Lost Type CO-OP.

Labels printed with . Went with moo because they print on vinyl and would be easy to remove later. Plus moo always does an awesome job!

Enjoyed with BBQ on sunny August day!

Ultimately, the beer was good and the labels turned out awesome! It was a fun little project that we will be enjoying for quite some time!

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