Creating your own brand can be a trap

I have worked with companies big and small to help their brand, but when it comes to my own...I get completely overwhelmed and intimidated. Over the years I have created several variations of a brand for my creative pursuits. I have come to the conclusion that being able to do your own design work is both a blessing and curse.

I decided on 'i like orange' as a brand because, well, I like orange. Really and truly orange is my second favorite color - I love yellow, but I like orange. My goal was to create something colorful, effervescent, positive, and fun - kind of how I see my art work.

Once I had a name, I started with a color pallet that I loved. Choosing colors that I liked to use in artwork.

It was important to me to use vibrant colors and include neutral and pastel colors for contrast. I love vibrant/pastel contrasts. After choosing the pallet I decided to play with shape and texture, wanting something that was block-y feeling, but highlighted the contrast that i love so much.

I landed on an orange logo and the short version of the name - ilo, along with a crazy maze pattern to use on collateral and as a generic background. Honestly, I dig it.

Overall, I like what I have put together as a brand. I think it exemplifies my core as an artist and will be a fun brand to grow with as I grow as an artist. After years of building brands, I have realized that the hardest brand you build is your own. Perfection can be your worst enemy, but your brand should reflect you. It took me this long to realize that I, as an artist, am not perfect. So, my brand doesn't have to perfect be right out of the gate. As an artist, I will evolve and so will my brand. See....I am growing already.

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