Hello World

A blank canvas is intimidating, a blank website is daunting.

For years I have been talking about 'putting my stuff out there.' Well, I guess I am just finally getting around to it. I have studied art, practiced many mediums and have worked as a professional creative (in marketing). I guess my spare time, in the era of Covid 19 and all things social distancing - I am finally getting around to actually trying to grow and develop my own voice as an artist.

I have always felt I did not have a defined artistic style or voice. While that was mostly true, I think it was just something I told myself I needed before I could 'put myself out there.' Really it was just holding me back. New philosophy is to put myself out there and grow as I go. Realizing I may never fully be a defined artist and that it is totally and completely okay.

Welcome to my journey, where it will go...I have no idea. Will I stick with it and keep going - I certainly hope so. Am I going to find my voice, define a style and wow the world with my artistic awesomeness...perhaps. Whatever happens, I will just be happy I am finally sharing with the world.

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